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Elliot's Q & A

Full name? 

Elliot James Eastwick


February 3rd.




If you entered the X Factor, what would you sing in the audition? 
Queen 'Don't Stop Me Now'.

If you weren't on the radio, what job would you do? 

I'd probably be making music documentaries, either that or making music, or doing telly.
I love music. It's all I think about.

Favourite place to eat or drink in the area? 

Levers Chippy in Oldham.

Best/worst gift from a listener?

Someone once sent me a box set of Carry On films as I said I liked them on air! Worst was a Wham bar!

Most expensive thing you've ever bought?

A recording studio. I spent my entire record advance on it and used it about twice. Brilliant.

What's the best gig you've ever been to?

New Order at Manchester Apollo.

Fave pizza topping? 

Basil, pine nuts etc (I'm a ponce).

Do you like answering these questions? 

Of course - I'm hugely narcissistic.

Ideal girl? 

This is a trick question right? My wife of course.

When you were little, you used to...? 

Show off!

Fave cartoon as a kid? 

Top Cat.

If you had to pick only one favourite film, what would it be? 

The Lives of Others. 

Song you would have played at your funeral? 

Talking Heads 'Naive Melody'.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? 

That's £563,000. I'd buy a small farmhouse and do it up. Not a very rock and roll answer is it!

What makes you laugh? 

Noel Gallagher, Sean Locke, Bob Mortimer, Kenny Everett, Russell Brand, my daughter, Tommy Cooper, 

those dogs you see walking down the street on their own like they're going somewhere dead important.

Fave radio station? 

This is another trick question right?


When are you on-air?

Weekdays 6am-11am and Sunday 11am-1pm!

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