Tameside Primary School Closes Over Safety Concerns

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 9:20am

Russell Scott School in Denton sent a text to the parents of 400 pupils last night saying the school would be closed till further notice.

Russell Scott School in Denton has been forced to close because children and staff safety are compromised. A statement says the school has a significant amount of defects and does not comply with regulations. The concerns are described as of a serious nature. Parents of the 400 pupils were informed of the sudden closure via text message at around 7pm last night. It's the second time this year the Tameside Primary school has closed.

In January, children were sent home for several days when classrooms were flooded with raw sewage.

Here is the latest post on the schools facebook page.

Dear Parents,

There are far too many posts to reply individually but the school has been placed in an untenable position and we are doing the best we can to manage a serious situation. Governors had been taking independent professional advice all day yesterday to ensure they were making the right decision to close the school whilst exploring every option available to them to remain open.

The decision to close the school was not considered in haste or taken lightly and all vi...able options were considered hence the timing of the notification. The Governors and Headteacher are not experts in Building Regulations so it is imperative that the best and impartial advice is sought and acted upon. The school has commissioned that advice from a number of expert sources all of which reflected that the safety of the school was compromised. Governors come from the school community , some are parents of children at the school and represent the best interests of the school as volunteers who want to help the children get the best we can provide. They were at the school all day taking advice and acting in the best interests of the children and that decision was communicated as quickly and accurately as possible through all the channels we had available, Twitter, Facebook, Parent Mail and via the school website.

The school has been supported by our MP Andrew Gwynne who has been demanding urgent action from the LA and the contractor Carillion.

As a school community we need to stick together, support each other and understand that the school and it's Governors have acted in the best interests of your children knowing what the consequences were to their own and the schools reputation. It is not the schools fault that it has needed to take this serious decision and by channeling your frustrations and concerns through the right channels and direct those feelings at those who are directly responsible they will be held to account.

Parents have already shown their concern and flexed their muscles by distributing their petition regarding the state of the playground and field, again outside of the schools control. Childcare and frustrations at being put out are very valid and totally understood but against the care, safety and welfare of your children it is put into perspective.

We can assure you that we will work tirelessly to get the school back on its feet, fit for purpose and open for business as quickly as we can. We need your support to be able to do that.

Russell Scott Governing Body



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