Oldham Volunteer Raises Money For Pregnant Refugees

Friday, May 13th, 2016 8:19am

Ahmad Ole Bashra a few weeks old was born on a refugee camp.

Sally Hyman has just come back from Greece where she's been helping at a migrant camp.

There's 23 pregnant mums at Ritsona migrant camp in Greece and there's only three showers for 700 people.

Sally Hyman from Springhead has been telling Revolution News that she hopes to raise enough money to rent a flat so these women have somewhere clean to go when they have their babies.

'There's still 23 women expecting babies in 6 months, there will probably women who get pregnant even though obviously they don't want to in that situation, things happen. SO what we want to do is have a flat in the town and staff it if we can.'

'Looking at the needs of women who have had babies we are looking to rent a flat where women can go once they've had their babies so they have access to all the things you or I would expect to have once we've had a baby- to have a fridge, a kitchen a shower.'

'Conditions on the camp are not good, people are doing their washing in washing up bowls. The last thing you want to do when you have a baby is carry water. The food is sub standard, partly because Greece is broke and cant afford to contribute.'




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