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Elliot's Breakfast Videos

Welcome to our video vault - basically stuff we found down the back of the internet! Elliot and Jackie x

05/11/13 - This busker in Berlin had a nice surprise!

28/10/13 - Kadir Nurman, inventor of the Donor Kebab died sadly. As a tribute, here's how to make kebabs! 


21/10/13 - Remember these? The girls did well, the lads less so! 


08/10/13 Nothing compares to the spat between Miley Cyrus & Sinead O'Connor! This is a great version! 

01/09/13 - Simply heart warming: 

19/08/13 - 
Is that the Ipad 9? 


18/08/13 - Ooooof! 


 16/08/13 - He's got such a lovely voice: 


04/08/13 - Four Tops - The backing vocals and harmonies are amazing: 


02/09/13 -Boo hoo! 


02/09/13 - Here's the near miss video we were just talking about - phew!


02/09/13 - Oh dear Alan. No: 


19/08/13 - Blurred Lines played on classroom instruments! 


13/08/13 - This song has been stuck in my head for 30 years! Can you still get it? 


08/08/13 - Like 3 of your dads mates have wandered on... 


07/08/13 - Here's the full length version of the CHEERS theme tune we played on the show this morning. 


05/08/13 - I wish they still made em like this! 


02/08/13 - Best theme tune ever? I don't remember it being this funky?!


01/08/13 - Good Luck to England today as the Ashes come to Manchester! Here are Stockport's 10cc: 



30/01/13 - 
WOOOOOAH! Want to lose weight? AND look ridiculous?! Here's how - PRANCERSICE!





29/07/13 - Kids off school. Camping trip anyone? 



23/07/13 - Check this old dear out! 



22/07/2013 - Some nice moves on this:


19/07/2013 - Thanks to Steve in Cale Green for reminding of this brilliant scene.
It had to be shot 25 times as the lady was laughing so much! skip to 1min 20secs and she's still having to stifle it:


17/07/2013 - Here are some of the classic ads we were talking about on the show yesterday morning:

Great compilation of the John Smiths ads (pre Peter Kay): 


Can you still get these? Used to love em! 


Here's the first ever McDonalds advert - So creepy!


...and finally the first EVER advert to be show on UK tv



15/07/2013 - How's this for lazy fishing?


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